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Friday 101 (public snogging)

2 Jul

When i was a teenager it was considered cool. A sign to the world, not only that you had a “proper” boyfriend, but that you didn’t care who saw you. Kissing, fondling. In a public space.

But i never really felt comfortable doing it. Even then.

And as for watching other people do it. Yuck!

I still can’t stand it much.

As much as you try desparately not to notice, your gaze is drawn to them like a television in a darkened room. You feel perverted. But you just can’t NOT look.

I’ve always thought that maybe i was your typical English frigid. Or that i envied the romantic abandon? After all, it was only a public display of affection. Wasn’t it? It seems positively lauded in other European countries. In Italy, Spain, France everyone seems to be at it. Are they embracing a natural physical manifestation of young love? Or is it an overdisplay caused by too much sun and too few clothes?

So is it just our English reserve, or am i right to think it’s a bit gross? Watching people eating eachother’s face off. After all, noone could argue it was a pretty sight.

Either way, i just don’t like it. Get a bloody room!