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Paparazzo or pervert?

25 Sep

Photo courtesy of bruniroquai at flickr.com

If i was walking along the street and a random guy decided to lie down on the pavement and take a good look up my skirt what would my husband say? He’d just shrug his shoulders of course.

And what if i had no knickers on? (ok so i always wear knickers, but you know in a different world i might be having a kinky day). Well he’d just say “Oh well dear, if you’re gonna go out with a bit of loose change and no purse to keep it in you’re asking for it really”. Of course bloody not.

So why is it okay for lowlife photographers to thrust a camera up a “celebrity”‘s skirt to get, what i can only imagine they refer to as, the “money shot”?

Surely it’s assault? Or invasion of privacy? Or just down right morally wrong?

So who would blame Russell Brand for getting a bit agro when some seedy pap tried to get his lens in close proximity to his lady-wife-to-be’s dinglies? Well apparently its his actions and not those of the photographer that require the long arm of the law.

I just don’t get it.

I can’t even imagine opening up a magazine or newspaper and seeing my flower peeking out from amongst the leaves. And that’s putting it politely. Usually it’s a slightly hazy picture (enlarged 10 times of course) of a few folds of skin reminiscent of a shar pei’s neck. The title screams “Miss X goes out without knickers and shows a bit too much”. Well if you shoved a zoom lens in between my legs while i was getting out of a cab i’d probably show a bit too much of my ladybits too. With or without knickers (let’s face it they’re usually displaced / swallowed up from all that wobbling while on the move anyway).

Perverts masquerading as paps?

Burn the paparazzo pimps and all their filthy tabloid customers.