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5 things that this week made me go (points finger) **NT!

9 Jul

I know that some, more delicate-hearted readers might be shocked by the choice of this particular swear word, but sometimes, just sometimes, it is the only word that will do.

  • A blogger with an About Me page that read “About the enigma that is xxx”.  No mate, you are not “one of nature’s puzzling secrets”. You’re a 20-something boy with an inflated ego.
  • A mother who ranted for ages at her young daughter why she couldn’t have a Magnum icecream only to guzzle one herself moments later right in front of her daughter’s snivelling face.
  • A lazy-arsed man (well i can’t be sacked again for being fattist can i?) wheezing and sweating his way through an interview complaining (rather agressively) why it was bad for his health to stand outside a pub in the freezing winter when he wants a fag. My heart bleeds.
  • Being subjected yet again to the the world’s most smug song lyrics  “And you slipped through my fingers/No not literally but met-a-pho-ri-ca-lly”.  No, you don’t look clever for fitting metaphorically into a song line, you just look like a pompous arse (i’m purposefully not mentioning the artist by name because he is widely considered to be a God, and calling him a **NT might easily get me hate mail).
  • Carol friggin’ Malone.