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A Milk retrospective

13 May

What happens to the posts we write?

People read them for a few days, and then perhaps occassionally, if you’re lucky, someone might chance upon them through a random search on google. (in my case searches on “David Essex” don’t do me too badly.)

It seems a shame.

You might pour out your heart. Be more honest than you’ve ever been, or even wish that you had. You reach heights of wit and comedy you didn’t think possible of yourself. Change the world, in your own small way.

And then they’re lost. Consigned to the last page of your blog. Purposeless and alone.

It doesn’t seem quite right.

So i’ve decided, when the mood takes me, to sneak in a Milk retrospective or two.

Give new readers a chance to read posts they missed, or loyal readers great reminiscing fodder.

Some of you might see it as laziness or a symptom of blogger’s block.

Some might find it boring. Repetitive.

I disagree. But indulgent? Definitely.

I suspect fellow bloggers might nod their heads in agreement.

So why not resurrect your favourite posts? Revel in repetition. Milk a little retrospection.

You might just be surprised by what you find. Just how far you’ve come on your journey.

In any case, let’s get back to David Essex.

(Did anyone see that picture of him in last week’s Saturday Guardian? Phwaor!)