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Raised to be thin

2 Nov

I watched an episode of Come Dine with Me the other day. It was pretty cringeworthy, as usual. But it wasn’t the arrogance of the diners, the self-inflated egos, nor was it the toxic rudeness or the poor taste that got to me. The thing that shocked me most was this.

There were two ladies amongst the group. One (Lady A) was superficial, catty and a size zero with designer clothes and immaculate nails. She also didn’t eat. Not the best or most riveting of dinner guests. The other (Lady B) was sassy, witty, very attractive and a size 14. Really good company, didn’t take herself too seriously, lots of fun but capable of holding an interesting conversation about more than the calorific value of raisins.

I came away from that tv show thinking i had it sussed. I could see quite clearly that Lady A was a shambles while Lady B had it all going on. In your face cynical media culture.

However, that night i dreamt i was trying tirelessly, desparately even to befriend size zero cat woman. A nocturnal version of Paris Hilton’s shameless New Best Friend. Lady A was the cool cat, the one i wanted to be. She had it all, the ribs AND the jimmy choos.

How unnerving is that? It seems that somewhere deep within me i would rather be size AND mind miserly than a size 14 version of beautiful. (well in actual fact I am a size 14 post boy no.2, so maybe herein lies the rub)

How could i, an educated, smart, rational being be so completely yet so subconsciously consumed by the fatuous notion that thin = happy. That size zero = desirable. My rational mind see so clearly that size zero lady was uptight and proposterous but that clarity of mind be secretly and silently fed upon by a sneaky, insiduous parasite?

How utterly depressing.