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My writing soul: is it goodbye?

5 Feb

I hoped the silence would be temporary, but I think perhaps the past year has taken more out of me than I realised, and now we are moving city and schools and lives. So I fear the silence might be permanent.

I hope I’ll find my writing soul again, but a part of me believes that maybe I found writing at just the right time, or rather writing found me, to carry me and give voice to my tortured thoughts at a very difficult time.

Can you write your heart out and have anything left to say? Only time will tell.

In the meantime you can still find me over at In The Powder Room for my regular weekly column on a Thursday. So I’m still writing and mixing it up – a little.


Powdering my nose & sticking two fingers up to feminism

19 Jan

I’m In the Powder Room today talking about the differences between girls and boys. I’m still a bit uncomfortable about using the word “piss” and wish I’d gone for “urinate”; I was obviously a little urinated off about clearing up the typical boy mess again that day.


In the Powder Room: Pole dancing for tots: What’s the big deal?

8 Dec

Luckily I have to submit my posts weeks in advance, or there’d be a big fat blank space on In the Powder Room today. This past week has been difficult to say the least.

High time for some light relief then. Or do you think I’m missing the point on this one?

In the Powder Room: When good husbands go bad

1 Dec

I’m In the Powder Room Today talking about how I lucked out with Mr Milk.

Apart from that, things will be a bit silent for a while as I say goodbye to my family home.


In the Powder Room: Bedtime sucks, and not in that way!

24 Nov

I’m ranting again at In The Powder Room, come rant with me.


ITPR today: When Mickey met Minnie (well, almost)

17 Nov

What would you say to your son if he’d been asking the girls to show him their bits?

Come and find out what I think at In the Powder Room today.

Supernanny: Bite me!

10 Nov

My first column is live today at In The Powder Room.

I’d be absolutely chuffed if you could come and have a read and leave me a comment.

Sod’s law they’ve put me alongside the Eddy Izzard of blogging which means the usual readers might be too busy changing their wet pants to get round to reading mine.

I Rock the Powder Room!

7 Nov

Apparently I rock. In fact I rock so hard that I’ve been given a regular weekly slot on “MomsRock” for In The Powder Room where people talk, share and laugh about what it’s like to be a woman in the 21st century, and where butt naked honesty is absolutely essential.

I’m one of a new kick ass panel of writers. There’s a glitzy PR chick, a heavily tattooed hen-keeper, a domestic slave, a snarky feminist, a woman fighting excessive facial hair, plus several other equally brilliant and creative writers. Meet them all here.

My slots a Thursday so definitely check it out on a Thursday.

Portfolio career? I’m getting there.