Winter woollen winners 3, 4 & 5

31 Jan

Well my first (and probably only) competition is over.

It’s been fun. I’ve met a lovely lady, Cath who can regularly be found freezing her little toes off in Brick Lane market such is her dedication to her funky, chunky knits. (Well i say frozen, I’m sure she actually wears some toasty woollen undergarments worthy of a knitting vixen.)

We’ve already had two lucky winners @joanneblunt and @cheepcheepcheep who were our 100th and 50th followers respectively, and their little ones are currently rockin’ Sweetheart Knit trendy bobble hats.

A lot of gorgeous, blooming, expectant mothers have entered – Keri, Sharon, Sarah, Harriet, Jenifer-Mary, Emily, Suzanne (expectant aunty), Sue (expectant Granny), Clare’s friend, Lucy – and if I could have picked you all out myself and treated you to some trendy woollens for your soon-to-be little ones I would have. But alas, that would have been, umm, well cheating.

So instead, in the interest of fairness I used one of those random number generator thingies, and i can now announce that the winners of the one and only never to be repeated gorgeous winter woollens competition are:-

Helen R @milkpetal – wins the baby boy box for her gorgeous nephew Rhys, born just before Christmas.

Maria Knight @mariajknight – wins the funky pirate jumper and knitted shoes for her 8 month boy Ronan – coolest boy in knitwear.

Kerrie @kemo_2002 – wins the loop and beret for her daughter Phoebe.

Congrats to all 5 winners, please DM @sweetknittwits to arrange for delivery of your gorgeous prizes. Commiserations to the rest of you, but all is not lost, the lovely Cath, generous as always is busily working out some exclusive discount for the rest of you as a thank you for entering.

There you go – Milk’s services to marketing are done. In truth, marketing away from how I earn my living makes me feel a bit, erm, dirty. Sorry Cath – an exception made with love for you and your fresh, fashionable vestments.

Normal business resumes shortly. *washes hands*


One Response to “Winter woollen winners 3, 4 & 5”

  1. Helen R January 31, 2011 at 3:58 pm #

    Thanks ever so much, my sister will be thrilled! Will DM now. 🙂

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