A booze filled hole

23 Dec

A while ago i caught a documentary that looked at each stage in a woman’s life from “underage” through “student” to “mother” and even on to “grannies” and reflected on their relationship to alcohol. Yes it was a rehash of a lot of what we’ve seen before about the booze culture that pervades these shores. Yes there was vomiting and drunken girl on girl snogging (yawn) and the drunken female equivalent of “winding” (ewww).  Yet, for some reason this one was even more depressing than usual. It managed to portray an even bleaker, more tragic picture.  Why?  Because you got to know the people as individuals, and started to see that, pretty much, they all drank due to some deap-seated psychological issue. Usually because they hated themselves.

I’m not even talking hopeless drunks, though there were some of those of course. I’m talking people who just enjoyed a drink, most days, a laugh with their friends, you know not much different from me and you. But watching from the outside in, it was obvious. Issues of loneliness, worthlessness pervaded.

What is it about the Brits that drives us to fill a hole with booze, a hole that should rightly be filled with self-belief?  Why do we forever feel we need “dutch courage”, “one for luck”, “one for the road”  just to get up and on with our lives? To have the confidence to do stuff we don’t, soberly, believe we can do.  Is drinking for confidence as normalised for children growing up as the idea that a good night out must always involve copious amounts of it? Are we a nation of tattered egos, broken spirits, lost souls desparately on the search for something to fill that hole, whether it be alcohol or armfuls of big macs? Or are we simply complicating it. It’s a good laugh, freely available, and quite frankly we’re all just a little bit addicted…. (including those MPs pussy footing around the issue because they’re too scared of having their own crutch taken away).

It’s all a bit depressing really, and nothing more than having to watch those girls again with their pants around their ankles. Girl power? Makes you wonder what my heros The Spice Girls fought so hard for.

Better go drown my sorrows…..

6 Responses to “A booze filled hole”

  1. JulieB December 23, 2010 at 10:28 am #

    Interesting post, as always, and very pertinent at this time of year, when we do all seem to go a bit mad with Christmas “cheer”.
    I don’t know what the answer is, but I agree with you that, as a nation we seem to have a problem, and it does seem to be getting worse. The peak of my drinking days coincided with the period when “ladette” culture was all the rage, but even then I don’t remember things seeming quite so out of control. Am I just showing my age, and painting the past with rose-tinted glasses? After all, our love of drink is not really a new phenomenon. I guess the only difference is that women are drinking more.
    As you say, so much for Girl Power!

  2. Helloitsgemma December 23, 2010 at 1:23 pm #

    I wish I knew the answer. I wish there could be a change in culture. I hate being aboard and being embarrassed by the behaviour of other Brits. Drinking in Spain and France is such a deferent experience. I was once in a club in Barcelona at 4 in the morning my friend was being carried out – Another had been sick. I looked round and realised only our group where obviously drunk. Sure, other people had a drink but not too our excesses. Who was having the better time? At that point it certainly wasn’t us.

  3. Anna at Mummysquared December 23, 2010 at 2:45 pm #

    Very thought provoking post. I saw that doco (think it was the Cherry does… one?) and agree it was depressing. So, thinking back to that, it has totally put the kibosh on my holiday drinking. Boo. Oh well, maybe an afternoon sherry will help me get over it 🙂

  4. EmmaK December 23, 2010 at 5:19 pm #

    Well having lived in USA for ten years I find their attitude here to alcohol sad for the young people seems to be all about frat parties and going bonkers with jagermeister because the age of consent is over 21 and the kids aren’t used to drinking. And it was really annoying when I got here and found that when people offer you a drink at their house they don’t mean G&T or V&O they mean soda or sprite????Nightmare. That said I was a terrible boozer back in UK like you say everyone does it. Why I did it was I was in my 20s fairly miserable and lonely in London. Also it’s so bloody cold and dark isn’t it maybe that’s why people in UK drink so much. But all in all I am pleased to live in USA now where MOST off licences don’t open on sunday. Yes I’m serious!!! It’s saved my liver no doubt.

  5. Jana December 23, 2010 at 7:37 pm #

    Well, I still think the Brits pull off a classier version of drunk than Americans….

    And I agree with EmmaK–what else are you to do when it’s damp and rainy?

  6. Livi December 25, 2010 at 7:45 pm #

    Interesting post. I do tend to pass judgement, quietly, on people who “enjoy a drink.” It seems that everyone has a defense for it like you point out. I know my views on alcohol have been warped somewhat by living with an alcoholic and my own experiences of alcohol but I chose to stop drinking completely because I didn’t want to be one of those people, apparently that makes me “boring”, to choose health and having a good time that I remember after, I think that says something!

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