18 Dec

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What is it about twitter that people say stuff they wouldn’t dare say in real life. Is it the spontaneity of it, the fast paced banter? Does it make you more impetuous, fire you up into something you’re usually not? Do we tweet before we’ve really thought it through? You’re probably thinking “she can talk” having come fresh from a post about loving a debate. But the point is i rarely say anything online i wouldn’t say in real life, given the right circumstances.

Chris Evans and Alan Sugar were at it a week or so ago. What started innocently enough soon got them all fired up, and soon they were throwing poisined darts across the ether. The most bizarre of couplings behaving in a way you’d never imagine them doing in “real life”. So out of character. (I say that, apparently Lord Sugar’s a resident twitter tirader).

Before that it was Denise van Outen and Natalie Cassady challenging eachother on their respective parental merits. I can’t imagine they’ve even met eachother in real life, and yet something happens and they unleash their inner Ginas through the tap tap tap of their keyboard.

Usually so consumed by their own egos, the importance of how other people perceive them, of bad press and shady journalists twisting their words, but when it comes to the little blue bird – celebrities go at it like a bunch of toddlers locked in a room with a yard of track but only one Thomas. Usually so screened off by their PR machines, they finally free themselves unbridled and uncensored. And we’re not talking about my favourite kind of healthy debate, we’re talking petty squabbling.

And then a few days ago, Liz Hurley announced her split from her husband on twitter, following a few weeks of flirtweeting with ego-maniac Shane Warne. Arrguably the most public sphere on the planet and people behave as if they are in room alone with the other person. It’s like some weird dichotomy. A medium so exposed, and yet regarded with false (and dangerous) intimacy.

It’s true that twitter and wine can be a fabulous partnering. Fabulous in a slightly unhinged kind of way. So were these celebrities suffering from some kind of inebriated over-tweeting? I’ve shied away from “twitter parties” for precisely this reason, not because i think it’s a crazy, sad-arse idea (though really i should and would have a year ago, but alas i’ve been spanked by the twitter bug), no, it’s because i’m worried i’d down a bottle of prosecco in my dressing gown while simultanesouly offending the wallflower in the corner with insensitive banter and flirting outrageously with someone I later find out usually goes under the username of chunky_cheese.

Perhaps these celebrities need to take a leaf out of my book, go to bed quick smart and sleep it off.

6 Responses to “over-tweeting”

  1. Lady-like Pervert December 18, 2010 at 4:26 pm #

    *stands up clapping*
    AWESOME piece!!! It read like you were standing right in front of me zinging it off your tongue!! And so true!
    I LOVED this Milky hun. Great job.
    *still clapping*

  2. MummyT December 19, 2010 at 4:12 am #

    Oh dear god… Where to begin with Twitter?! I love the medium. But Twitter + mobile phone = recipe for complete, complete disaster. It’s the equivalent, I think, of publicly drunk-dialing.

    And, god knows why celebrities Twitter at each other under their real names. Publicity? But the Liz/Shane stuff seems real…

    We’re in Australia right now, actually. Favourite headline “When we said ‘Stick it up the English, Shane, this wasn’t quite what we meant”.

    Great post…

  3. Anna December 19, 2010 at 8:12 pm #

    I have a few issues with Twitter… one is that it is so fast paced that I can’t keep up and always feel like I’m back at a school disco and no-one wants to dance with me (not a good memory!), the second is that you really need to understand it to make it work and there doesn’t seem to be a manual.

    And don’t get me started on idiotic celebs who plaster their private lives all over the tabloids/twit-o-sphere and then get all riled up when the media ‘invade their privacy’. Please, they are pretty much all attention junkies. Except perhaps Bjork, who seemed to really mean it when she told that journo to f off just before she wellied him. Nice one.

  4. Nickie@Typecast December 19, 2010 at 10:56 pm #

    I wrote a post about celebs on twitter last week. I was going to mention the Cassidy/Van Outen spat too but had waffled on for far too long anyway.

    There is a very fine line between good marketing and bad marketing for celebs on Twitter and very often some of them overstep the mark with their over- indulgence. At the other end of the scale there are some that use Twitter purely as a way to update their public diary (in a way) and don’t interact with any of their followers. It’s all about finding that happy medium for them.

    I have no idea why people get so obsessed with the “celebs on twitter” thing (says she who follows loads of them). Another blog post I wrote (yes, I’m always banging on about it) mentioned celebs that I follow and which one’s have replied to me. I said that I usually forget who I’m tweeting and I am just replying to a tweet that appears in my timeline.

  5. Muddling Along December 20, 2010 at 4:10 pm #

    I completely agree – some people seem to forget that everything you put on twitter is there forever and can be seen by everyone

    That said I’ve had some fun evenings drinking some wine on my own chatting to my twitter friends … but still hopefully bearing in mind that I shouldn’t write anything I wouldn’t want to see in the Daily Mail if something horrid happened to me

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